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Baumann Paper Company

Women-Owned, Family-Owned, Kentucky-Owned since 1950

Founded in 1950 by Fred W. Baumann, Sr., Baumann Paper Company began as a small home run operation. We have grown substantially over the last 74 years and are now located off Mercer Road in Lexington, Kentucky. Our 80,000 square foot warehouse stocks over 4,000 products to meet our customers' needs. We began as a family owned and operated business and are now on our third generation of being family owned and operated.

At Baumann Paper Company we offer wholesale distribution of paper, plastic, and other sanitary supplies for industry, food service, grocery, retail and healthcare uses. We are the largest wholesale distributor of these supplies in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we have regular truck delivery routes serving almost the entire Commonwealth as well as parts of Southern Indiana, Western West Virginia, Southern Ohio, and parts of Tennessee.

Located in Lexington and Serving Kentucky Since 1950, we represent over 100 major manufacturing companies making paper, plastic, foam and foil disposable products for the market segments listed below. We also represent over twenty major manufacturers of Janitorial and Sanitary products for all of those who need and use industrial strength cleaning products and equipment.

The major market segments we service are: Healthcare and Medical facilities, Doctor and Dentist Offices, All Food Service Operations, Grocery Store Supplies, Industrial/ Manufacturing Operations, Retail/Discount Stores, Office Buildings, Other Wholesale Operations, Hotels & Motels, Arena & Convention Operations, Schools and Colleges, Federal, State and Local Government Operations.

As a member-owner of Network Services Company, we, along with our fellow members, service the entire United States including Hawaii. To learn more about Network Services, visit:

We have also been a member of the Better Business Bureau since October 1969. Feel free to visit the BBB at: BBB Membership requires the support of the Bureau's services to the public and meeting the Bureau's membership standards.

Company Founded:
Founded By:
Fred W. Baumann, Sr.
Warehouse Size:
80,000 square feet
Number of Products:
Over 65,000
Marli Baumann, CEO

Why Do Business With Us?

Family Owned Businesses Improve Your Peace of Mind

As a women-owned, family owned business we take care of our employees and customers and are committed to our community. When you spend money with us, your dollars stay in Kentucky and help grow Kentucky’s economy rather than those dollars leaving the state. Every one of our 50 employees at Baumann Paper is paid a living wage. We are accountable to our customers and it doesn’t hurt that we see them every day.

We make it simple to get the products you need. With our highly experienced sourcing team, we are able to acquire many products outside the scope of our standard catalog. We cut the bureaucracy and make it simple to return products and get what you need. With various ordering options, we let you order using any method you want.

As a small, family owned business we can do the right thing to get things done faster and simpler than large companies with lots of red tape.

Quick communication and zealous customer service gives us flexibility others don’t have.

Last minute orders? Out of a product? We help you out when you need it. We can go above and beyond to make emergency orders, or get those last minute orders out early or late in the day.

Custom programs to help you - we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers, whether it’s helping you with your inventory management, adhering to budgets, or simplifying and streamlining your products across locations, we are here to help.

As a company that’s been around for 74 years, we know a thing or two about helping customers and providing total solutions for your company and team.

Location, Location, Location

With our twice a day delivery in Lexington, and 1 to 3 day delivery across the Commonwealth, you can cut your costs on storage. Each additional day required for delivery is an extra day’s worth of product you need to keep on site. We can help you shrink this number dramatically.

Twice a day delivery in Lexington means you can get product fast. Orders placed before 10am are often delivered the same afternoon.

With our warehouse located in Lexington, KY we have shorter shipping distances which reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Product Training, Expert Knowledge, and Innovation:

No second guessing that your training is the right fit or even for the right product. By providing training at no additional charge, your employees save drive time and you save the additional expense of days spent off-site, hotel, fuel, and seminar expenses. Additionally, you get assurance that your time training is spent learning the correct technique on the right product for you.

Get the right training the first time, as often as you need it, we come to you and train on-site at your facility.

We have chemical expertise to get you access and delivery of the right cleaning products to help you reduce labor costs and employ best, safe cleaning practices.

Improper use of products and tools can present huge liabilities and opportunities for lawsuits. Negligent product use liability can range in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our expert knowledge and training can help you and your team use a product correctly and effectively.

We’ve got the product know-how. No guessing which product to use or how to use it. If you’ve got questions we can get you the answers.

With on site product demonstrations, we help take the guess work out of determining if a product will be the right fit. First hand experience of product quality can help in your decision making.

As new products enter the market, our experts can identify and present innovative products to you to help save you more time and money.

Through our manufacturer partnerships we can offer extensive cleaning and labor software resources to help reduce your costs.

Fair Prices, High Availability

Multiple products across multiple qualities and price ranges means we have the right product for you and your facility.

With 4,000 unique products in stock in Lexington, access to 50,000 more within 2 days, and hundreds of thousands of special order products through our manufacturers, we can be sure to get you the product you need.

As a member-owner of our invite-only buying group Network Services, we have the ability to service customers across the entire United States. This relationship gives us access to over $16 Billion dollars in buying power to leverage with our key manufacturers to keep our costs low and pass these savings on to our customers.

We offer scheduled delivery dates and working around your schedule to create labor savings and ensure deliveries work best for you.

Custom products - extensive access to hundreds of products that can be customized specifically with your brand or for your facility.

We offer a huge selection of effective green cleaning products to help our customers stay committed to the environment and reduce total environmental impact.